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The Truth Republic is making Jesus known by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their calling.


Truth Republic

The Truth Republic equips and empowers women to fulfill their call. Join hosts, Carrie Ann Williams and Kelly Coby as they interview men and women sharing their wisdom and experience to help women go further faster.

Latest Podcast Episodes


Jesus and His Calling

  “What was Jesus’ purpose on earth?”   If you have been around church for a little while or have done some Bible study before, you may give a short answer to that question that sounds something like “to save sinners,” “die for our sins,” or “reconcile us to God.”   But what if someone asked you “What was Jesus’ calling on earth?”   Maybe you would answer differently or maybe you have never thought of purpose and calling as different, especially when it involves Jesus. In last week’s article…

Explore. Equip. Empower.

Explore. Helping women explore their unique God given calling.

Equip. Providing tools for women to be equipped in their leadership and discipleship journey.

Empower. Bridging the gap between calling and opportunity for women to fully reach their purpose and potential.


Truth Republic events are designed to maximize our time together to do all we can to equip you to fulfill your unique God-given calling.

Tools and Resources

Think of The Truth Republic as your personal TOOLBOX where you can find tools and resources that help you walk out your calling. We partner with key organizations and people who offer resources to help you reach your greatest potential for the sake of the Gospel.