Discovering Passion

November 16, 2020

There I was across from my computer, tears streaming down my face. It was one of those moments that you never forget. On the other side of my zoom screen, she was sharing it all. She was telling me the dreams, the hopes, and the struggles that she has had…

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Know What Compels You

November 9, 2020

I’ll never forget the look of shock in their eyes, followed by a look of frustration and anger as they stormed out of the worship service. I had just announced to my church plant that I was pregnant and a couple that had been visiting the church for the first time…

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You Have A Voice

November 2, 2020

I love to talk! My mom reminds me that I was “talking even before I was walking.”  As a toddler, I used to sit with my back to the television just talking to everyone who came into the room.  When I reached middle school my love for talking began to evolve into…

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How God Uses Our Story to Minister to Others

October 26, 2020

I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 19 years old. Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which my immune system can’t tell the difference between a good cell and a bad cell and thus attacks the good as well as the bad. Over the years my own immune…

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Engagement’s Role in Discipleship

October 19, 2020

“. . . I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” –Corinthians 9:22b After a decade of working as a professional speaker/trainer, I continued to rack my brain as to why there were always at least a couple of negative comments in…

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Depending on Jesus Daily

October 12, 2020

I have an exercise I want you to do. Get out a sheet of paper and write the top 5 things you depend on daily. Be honest with yourself. No one is going to see this list but you. Take a minute. Ok, what did you put on your list?…

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Take Off Your Grave Clothes

October 5, 2020

I have always been so intrigued with the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. There are so many rich truths in the story and it paints such a vivid picture in my head. In John 11 Lazarus, who is a dear friend of Jesus has fallen sick and…

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We Are Ezer

September 28, 2020

I was a child of the 80’s and graduated high school in 1990, the same year that Bette Midler’s song The Wind Beneath My Wings won multiple awards at the Grammys. I vaguely remember seeing the music video on MTV with a dramatically emotive Midler standing arms crossed and belting it out. Even though Bette was not singing about biblical womanhood, many years later I now view the wind beneath my wings as I way to describe what it means to be the Ezer God created us to be.

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His Ways Are Better

September 21, 2020

As my name echoed through the loudspeaker, I sauntered across the stage to receive my college diploma.  My friends were cheering my name, arduous academics were behind me, and I was feeling cute in my graduation threads.  Let the adventure begin!  Jesus and I were about to embark on a…

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Meet the Writers

The Truth Republic has recruited some of the most experienced, honest, and sharpest minds of our time. They are walking out their calling to make Jesus known with humble confidence that is beautiful and powerful. We can all learn from these women and their life experiences.


Caitlin Armstrong

The Truth Republic, Content Manager / The Church of Eleven22, Equipping Minister

Caitlin Armstrong is the Equipping Minister at The Church of Eleven22 with 10 years of experience in ministry. She has a Biblical Studies degree and loves to teach God's Word and help women study the Bible with a fresh perspective. Caitlin enjoys reading theological books and helping equip others to think deeply about God and share their faith.
She is married to her fearless husband Ron and is a mom to their two full of life boys, Ezekiel and Remington. They live in Jacksonville, Florida where Ron faithfully leads a nonprofit organization called Sponsored By Grace which seeks to release children from poverty across America through the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Julie Bullock

Generis, Senior Generosity Consultant

Julie is a senior generosity consultant with  Generis, a team of professionals who coach and influence churches and other faith-based organizations across the country in generosity development. She has led over 250 major giving initiatives for churches and organizations of all sizes and worship styles all across the country. Prior to joining Generis in 2009, Julie was the pastor for stewardship and generosity at Community Christian Church and also previously served as the director of development for Wheaton College.

Julie, her husband Jud, and their daughter Jayma reside in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, where Jud raises beef cattle and where they both are involved in their church – of which Julie serves on the board. They are passionate about the local church and seeing the
mission of God advanced through His people!


Sue Ferguson

Community Christian Church, Adult Ministries Associate

Sue Ferguson is a follower of Jesus, a wife, mom, sister, friend, small groups’ director, and an equipper and encourager of women!  Sue has been married to Dave for over 30 years, and her favorite job EVER was being mom to her three adult children Amy, Josh, and Caleb!  Sue oversees women’s small groups at a campus of Community Christian Church. She loves to help women develop skills to lead others and also loves helping them craft their stories and share how Jesus has made a life changing difference in their lives. Travel, time away with family, or dinner with good friends are her favorite ways to recharge.  You can contact Sue at [email protected]

Susan Freese

Susan Freese

All In Ministries International, Founder / President

Susan Freese, founder, and president of All In Ministries International (All In), equips under-resourced women worldwide to be disciple-makers for Jesus. Through workshops and outreaches, women discover they are loved, valued, and have a divine purpose––truth rarely taught to women worldwide.

By God’s grace and support from her “all in” husband, sons, and team, Dr. Freese serves across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Prior to All In, she led the women’s ministry at Chets Creek Church for 10 years after leaving a corporate career. You’re invited to go all in at


Ali Gentry

Renovation Church, Women’s Ministry Director / ARISE PHX, Founder

Ali is a speaker, preacher, writer, founder of Arise PHX  - a monthly event for women of all ages, churches + backgrounds to gather as one Church - and avid adventurist. Her passion is to see people live fully into the gifts & graces God created them with to
serve the church and the world!

She is the Women’s Ministry Director at Renovation Church in Phoenix, AZ and has led the Women’s Ministry for 4 years including weekly bible study, writing her own bible study, annual women’s retreats, and other events throughout the year. She has a passion to teach others how to study the Word on their own and discover the layers of mystery and beauty that the Bible reveals to us. Her heart is for people to know God, His character, love and truth so that they can be Christ to others from their first-hand knowledge of the Word!

Christy Gibas

Christy Gibas

Crossroads Church, Pastor of Adult Life

Christy Gibas serves as Pastor of Adult Life at Crossroads Church in Pittsburgh, PA.

Her passion is activating others to live on mission for Jesus. Along with growing a network of small groups, she’s currently cooking up a plan to launch a school of discipleship called Movement Makers to lay the foundation for everyday missionaries and church planters. Of all the roles Christy enjoys, wife to Frank and mom to Olivia are her favorites!


Rachel Gilmore

United Methodist Church Path 1, Director of Recruiting, Assessing and Training for Community Engagement and Church Planting

Rev. Rachel Gilmore graduated magna cum laude from Duke Divinity School in 2009 and her first appointment was to plant a church in Virginia Beach. The Gathering at Scott Memorial UMC began with 10 young adults and grew to over 400 people regularly
involved in the life of the church. She has also planted two missional preschools. Rachel is married to another United Methodist pastor and they have two young children who love spending time at the beach. A former volunteer with the Peace Corp, she continues in mission in Eastern Europe with Syrian refugee camps.

In July of 2019, she became the Director of Recruiting, Assessing and Training for Community Engagement and Church Planting for the United Methodist Church at Path 1.  In addition to leading workshops and conferences around the United States, she has also been a recent contributor to four books on church planting and recently launched a podcast, “Field Preachers” which can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud.


Rebecca Guerrero

Speaker /Teacher / Facilitator / Coach

Rebecca is passionate about many things but especially enjoys encouraging others as they create strategic plans. 

In 2001 Rebecca helped launch a church plant. Since that time she has continued serving in a range of roles from Board President to directing the kid’s Christmas play.  In other words, she’s been something of a utility player bringing order out of the chaos of ministry.

Rebecca and her family live in Southern California. You can find more about her at


Joy Hervey

Genesis Consulting Group, Founder and Managing Partner

An educator, consultant, entrepreneur, author, and ministry leader, Dr. Joy has devoted her life to fulfilling the Great Commission and strategically restoring communities. Her fruitful career spans the education, nonprofit, and faith sectors. An ordained minister, she is passionate about facilitating God connections in unlikely places and among people who feel far from God. She lives in Florida, where she and her husband, Eurmon, run a successful consulting business, Genesis Consulting Group, and often marvel that they are now parents of adults.


Debbie Jones

Stadia, Special Assistant to the President

Debbie founded and led Bloom, Stadia’s church planting’s ministry that helps women thrive in church planting. Under her leadership, Bloom grew from 4 women to 1000 women! Beginning in 2020 she moved to a new position with Stadia as Special Assistant to the President and will work with strategic relationships, Discipleship Journey groups, donors, church planting couples, consulting & discipleship groups for women. She is a visionary leader who has decades of experience in the new church community and world. Church planting has always been a part of the DNA of the Jones family. She and her husband Tom planted churches in Centerville, OH, and Princeton, NJ.

Debbie serves as an advocate for women, encouraging and developing them as leaders within their homes, churches, careers, communities, and all spheres of influence. She has trained and empowered women's ministry leaders in churches and denominational organizations across the country. Debbie has written for Outreach Magazine and contributed to a variety of books, including Church Planting from the Ground Up, two volumes of Bloom Where You're Planted, and Anonymous: Naming the God of Esther and the Women Who Plant Churches.

Debbie is an avid tennis and pickleball player, and loves to spend time with their family, especially her four granddaughters; Cora, Celia, Emilia and Ava.


jeanine dyal kabasakalian

Radio DJ / Worship Leader / Song Writer

Growing up in a mission pastor’s home from day one, Jeanine has had the opportunity to wear a plethora of ministry hats. From nursery to the nations, she has enjoyed the privilege of loving God and His people.  

Jeanine currently serves as a DJ at a Christian radio station, the worship leader at her church, a jail minister, blogger (, speaker, and songwriter. She makes her home in Southeast Georgia with her husband of 20 years, 4 kids, and 10 chickens. 


Autumn Katz

Women Speakers Collective, CEO / Anthem Church, Co-Lead Pastor

As CEO of Women Speakers Collective and Co-Lead Pastor of Anthem Church in Long Beach, Autumn is confident that it is time for individuals to discover their calling, own their calling and walk in the confidence they need to embrace the influence
that comes from their lives.

As a Worship Leader for over 20 years, Autumn calls a generation into the presence and power of our God through song. As an International Speaker, Autumn powerfully mobilizes the masses to take action and make their lives count for the greater good. She is sought after to speak at conferences and events. As a Consultant, Autumn walks alongside high-level leaders and creates a “plan of action” with a model for sustainability to ensure that their dreams get off the ground.

Autumn is a mother of 4 and married to Daniel for 14 years. She resides in California where she can always count on warm weather no matter where she’s flying from last!


Kaye Kolde

Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church, Lead Pastor

Kaye Kolde is a beloved daughter of God who also has the privilege of being a wife, mom, and Lead Pastor at Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church. Her calling to vocational ministry came in her mid-30’s when she was primarily a stay-at-home mom, and she is passionate about helping people courageously step into using their gifts, talents and passions for the kingdom no matter what their age. She loves to teach and preach and help churches re-create their discipleship strategies. On a day off, she’d most like to be hiking and listening to worship music or enjoying good coffee with friends.



Vineyard Christian Church, Pastor / New Ground Network, Founder

 Keri Ladouceur has built several ministries over the last 14 years including two of Outreach Magazine's fastest growing churches in America. She also invested a decade in senior leadership at Willow Creek Community Church, most recently building their leadership pipeline after launching over ninety missional communities. She is currently serving as a pastor at Vineyard Christian Church and the founder of New Ground Network. She and her team co-conspire with pastors and ministry teams across the country in Vision Conviction, Strategic Planning, Alignment, Team Health, Leadership Residency and Equipping so that they can pursue new opportunities for Kingdom Impact. Her passion is to see the local church thrive in each unique context and expression, to partner with God in the redemption and restoration of the world.

Keri is married to Marc and they have two incredible kiddos, Leah and Liam.


Suzi Lantz

GiANT, Senior Leadership Consultant

Suzi Lantz is a Senior Leadership Consultant with GiANT. She works with individuals, teams and organizations to create culture that helps them become healthy leaders who know how and have the skills to multiply. With a background in Secondary Education, coaching, leadership and a lifetime of ministry experience, Suzi’s passion is to walk alongside people to help them identify and live into two things: their unique identity and the purpose God placed them on this earth.

Suzi is married to Jason Lantz, the vision Leader of RiverTree Christian Church. They have two children, Caris (15) and Joshua James (13) and live in Canton, Ohio.


Candace Lewis

United Methodist Church District Superintendent of the Gulf Center area of the Florida Annual Conference

Rev. Dr. Candace M. Lewis is an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church currently serving as a District Superintendent of the Gulf Center area of the Florida Annual Conference. She also serves as a consultant, coach, and resource person to Bishops, Conference Developers, and Church Planters in starting and maintaining New Churches.

Rev. Lewis received her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida majoring in Speech Communications in 1990.  Upon graduation, she was awarded the Distinguished Outstanding Female Student Leader Award for excellent service in leadership while at the University of Florida.

Candace has her Masters of Divinity degree with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Doctor Lewis has been in full time ministry for over twenty years and is an excellent teacher and preacher of God’s word. She completed her Doctorate in Ministry degree in Church Leadership Excellence at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC graduating in May 2014. She has traveled extensively doing mission work and published her first book in 2019, Resurgence - Navigating the Changing Ministry Landscape and is available for purchase on Amazon.


Gretchen Martin

The Church of Eleven22, Worship Leader

Gretchen was born and raised in Clifton Forge, Va. She studied Physical Therapy at Roanoke College of Health Sciences. Gretchen has now lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 16 years with her husband Joby Martin, Lead Pastor of The Church of Eleven22 and two children, JP (14) and Reagan (10). She serves on the worship team at The Church of Eleven22 and has served her family as a full time wife and mother since they launched the church in September of 2012.


Gilon Marts

Walking Well Podcast Host and Mental Health Professional

Gilon Marts is a mental health professional, who is passionate about launching women into purpose. She serves her local community as a therapist for children in care and participates in various ministries in her church. Gilon hosts the Walking Well podcast, which is dedicated to helping women become all that God originally intended. Gilon knows she has been called to encourage and empower women and lives her life in hot pursuit of fulfilling that call wherever and whenever she can.


Melissa Mashburn

Ministry Coach & Co-Founder of The Mashburns Consulting Group

Melissa has spent the last 18 years serving on staff at three churches in Florida leading in various roles. Her heart is to encourage unseen people, and talents and possibilities in people and she does that through heartfelt connection, lots of fun and using her influence to help women rise up to be the women God created them to be.

She co-founded a consulting company with her husband to help churches develop a growth strategy as well as provide executive coaching for their team. Melissa also works with the Kadi Cole & Company team as the Ministry Director of a private Facebook group, called Ministry Chick, where she leads over 2400 women from all over the world. As a certified life coach she works with women in professional ministry to help them to strategize solutions for their growth.

Melissa is married to her best friend, Matt, for 27 years now, and has two adult sons, Nick & Bailey, and a beautiful daughter in love, Ashely. You can find out more and connect with her on most social media channels and at


Rebecca Maxwell

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rebecca is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been married to Shawn for 20 years, and they spend most of their free time raising their two sons and two forever puppies.

Prior to marriage and family therapy, Rebecca spent 15 years in church ministry with children, teens and their families. It is love of the family that led her to pursue a career in helping. Rebecca has a keen interest in the health of the couple as the root of the family system. Rebecca also enjoys working with children, teens and young adults as they navigate the complexities of growing up in an ever-changing society.

Rebecca believes that counseling and psychotherapy can be a ministry of reconciliation in the local church and community. It brings her great joy to help people discover the Gospel and surrender to all that God has for them.


Janet McMahon

Restore Community Church, Community Life Pastor

Janet and her husband Troy are the founding pastors of Restore Community Church, a multi-site church planted in Kansas City in 2008. Through its focus on developing and sending leaders, Restore has been a part of planting over 40 churches and invested over a million dollars in church planting.  Janet serves Restore as the Community Life Pastor creating next steps of discipleship and spiritual formation for the community primarily through the development of small group leaders.  Janet serves on Restore’s teaching team, developing message series and content for Restore. Prior to planting Restore Community Church, Janet served on staff at Community Christian in Naperville, IL, in children’s ministry, support and recovery ministry as well as small groups and spiritual formation. 

Janet and Troy love to visit their kids and grandkids who are spread across the country.


Jocelyn Peirce

Faith Community Church, Pastor of Family Ministry

Jocelyn Peirce is a creative and entrepreneurial leader who is passionate about women leaving behind fear to show up fully in their lives and step into their purpose. She serves as a pastor in local church ministry in New England, and also ministers through writing, speaking, and personal, professional, and ministry coaching.

Jocelyn and her husband, Matt, live outside Boston with their delightful two year old daughter, Eleanor.


Joy Rudbach

The Truth Republic, Associate Director

Joy is passionate about loving people right where they are. She has walked out this passion in such places as First Coast Women’s Services, The Church of Eleven22, Global Missions, Beach Church, and serving as a Stephen Minister. Joy is excited to encourage women around the world to move beyond a “knowledge” of religion into a deep, life-changing relationship with Jesus. Through one-on-one ministry, resource development and team efforts Joy is ready to direct women on their journey using her personal testimony and spiritual gifts to help women move beyond their fears and answer the call of God on their lives.

As if all of this doesn’t make Joy a superhero, she is also the single mom of two incredible daughters, Chloe and Sammie. In addition to photography, her favorite hobbies include reading, listening to music, and naps.

Katie Sullivan

Katie Sullivan

North American Mission Board, Missionary

“Here I am! Send me.” is the cry of Katie's heart. Mission trips, children’s ministry, church planting, refugee resettlement and women’s ministry have been her life’s work for the past 20 + years.  Jesus’ instructions to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations” is for her and for you. She is passionate about sharing the Gospel and helping others share it too!    

Katie is married to Darren Sullivan and raising two teenage sports-loving boys. She feels blessed to be a bonus mom of a beautiful adult daughter.  Katie and Darrne currently serve as missionaries with the North American Mission Board covering Rhode Island and the Cape of Massachusetts.


Tina Trent

Beaches Chapel Church, Executive Pastor

Tina Trent is currently the Executive Pastor at Beaches Chapel Church in Neptune Beach, FL. She has a passion for evangelism and began serving on the advisory board of Youth Evangelism Explosion in 1994 and assisted in 3 revisions of the curriculum taught around the world. She is the author of a curriculum called Friendly Faith Sharing (FFS).  FFS has continued to develop to include training for pastors, preschoolers, kids, youth, adults, and prisoners. Pastor Tina is also passionate about Missions she leads adults and students on trips around the world.


Deb Walkemeyer

Light and Life Christian Fellowship, Co-Pastor

Dr. Deb Walkemeyer is the Co-pastor of Light & Life Christians Fellowship in Long Beach, CA, and the Director of the Light & Life Community Center. She is a licensed Marriage/Family therapist, with a doctorate from Fuller Seminary in church leadership. She co-founded Act Out Long Beach Theater Company as a way to offer theater arts to under-served families; and, created the Compton Community Garden, providing sustainable healthy practices for under-served people in urban contexts. She speaks nationally and internationally and loves empowering men and women in leadership.

Sharon Williams Pic

Sharon Williams

Act 4 the Nations, Founder

Sharon has been in ministry for over 46 years. She and her husband Daniel are founders of Go to Nations, a missionary sending agency currently working in 102 countries.  Sharon has been to 74 countries around the world. As an ordained minister, she was a part of the Christ the Redeemer Church Executive staff for 20 years. 

In 2010, Sharon began Act 4 the Nations, a non- profit organization working on 5 continents to help women attain a better way of life by partnering with missionaries and Anti-Human Trafficking organizations. Her areas of expertise include principle-centered teaching, prophetic prayer, missions, and mentoring leaders. 

Sharon has been married for 46 years, has four children and thirteen grandchildren. In addition to traveling around the world, Sharon enjoys shopping, (especially for shoes), girl friends, and chocolate.

CarrieWilliamsHeadshot copy

Carrie Williams

The Truth Republic, Founder and CEO

Carrie Williams has over 20 years of full-time ministry experience. She has held leadership positions in global mission organizations, non-profits and churches. She was part of the core leadership team that launched The Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the founder and CEO of The Truth Republic, a movement making Jesus known by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their calling.

Carrie is also a nationally known speaker, leader and influencer among women, using her talents to help women explore, be equipped and empowered in their unique God-given calling. She is an Exponential Associate as well as serves on staff as the Special Projects Manager.  In these roles, she uses her vocational experience serving on the front lines as an ambassador carrying the multiplication message.

Carrie feels most alive when she is empowering others, preaching, writing, spending quality time with the people she loves and being creative. Carrie is married to Ben Williams, Pastor of Culture and Creativity at The Church of Eleven22, and has two amazing daughters.

Tiana Headshot (small)

Tiana Spencer

Speaker, Writer, Worshipper

Tiana Spencer serves on the teaching team at Fellowship Monrovia, in Monrovia, CA..

Having developed a passion for the scriptures at a young age, she has spent the past 20 years teaching, discipling and mentoring others to grow in it as well.

In addition to raising her 3 daughters with her husband, Brandan, she also spends her time writing, leading worship and traveling to preach the Gospel.

HeidyTandy (SMALL)

Heidy Tandy

Bloom, Director

Heidy Tandy serves on the Stadia Church Planting team as the Director of Bloom. Stadia Church Planting is an organization that starts churches that intentionally care for children. In her role with Bloom, Heidy empowers women to maximize their roles in starting churches. Prior to serving on the Stadia team, Heidy worked for over 10 years in the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs, working at Illinois State University, Anderson University, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), and the company Torch Prep.

A church planter herself, Heidy and her husband Josh planted Movement Church in Newport, Kentucky in 2014—a church that helps people find and follow Jesus—where they continue to lead and serve. Heidy and Josh have 2 energetic children, Isaac and Clara Jo.

Heidy is a lifelong learner, an educator at heart, and believes that all people are valuable and vital to the Kingdom of God. She loves to come alongside women and cheer them on as they pursue Jesus in their own unique contexts.

Explore. Equip. Empower.

Explore. Helping women explore their unique God given calling.

Equip. Providing tools for women to be equipped in their leadership and discipleship journey.

Empower. Bridging the gap between calling and opportunity for women to fully reach their purpose and potential.