What do you do when you have been blessed with a gift, entrusted to be responsible with what God has put in your hands?  This was the question when my parents left the home place to me when they passed away.  The property is now in the hands of the third generation of our family.  Upon the acceptance of this gift, I made the decision to honor my parents by being a good steward, and by keeping the property maintained and appreciated by all those who knew the family.

The first action of being a good steward was to remodel the house that I grew up in.  The other areas of remodeling began with tearing down the old buildings that had deteriorated and moving the old driveway for easier access to the property.  Cleaning out old fence rows of underbrush and trees too close together to be able to maintain.  Adding new buildings, planting trees and grass.  Many of the projects and years behind us, I felt the need to share my gift as a blessing with others.  At the end of 2016 that dream started taking shape after sitting at the feet of Joby Martin and his teaching of the gospel week after week.  The Lord opened my mind and my heart and inspired me to use my gift as a place to serve those seeking the Lord.  Those needing a place to rest, a change of place and a change of pace to allow them time to gain perspective on what God had entrusted them with.

As a result of many prayers, I have been blessed and surrounded by a great group of people wanting to support this mission through prayer, donations of time and finances.

Moving forward, I pray and ask all who will, to pray for this mission to reach those that need a place to find comfort in the Lord.  A place for all people to deepen their relationship with the Lord and an inspiration to the local community to find in His mercy and grace a belief that it is not about our actions but rather about or relationship with Him.

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