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The Enneagram and You

November 30, 2020

God Made You Special “God made you special, and he loves you very much” –at least that’s what Bob and Larry would tell me at the end of every Veggie Tales® episode. Their words echoed something I heard all my life, that God makes every person unique, on purpose, and…

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Skills. Talents. Gifts. What’s the difference and how do you strengthen them?

November 23, 2020

Have you had one of those middle of the night moments when you woke up and asked yourself, am I really being faithful with the life I’ve been given?  Have I done my best with the skills, talents and gifts God gave me?  If we are going to live a life worthy…

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Discovering Passion

November 16, 2020

There I was across from my computer, tears streaming down my face. It was one of those moments that you never forget. On the other side of my zoom screen, she was sharing it all. She was telling me the dreams, the hopes, and the struggles that she has had…

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Know What Compels You

November 9, 2020

I’ll never forget the look of shock in their eyes, followed by a look of frustration and anger as they stormed out of the worship service. I had just announced to my church plant that I was pregnant and a couple that had been visiting the church for the first time…

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You Have A Voice

November 2, 2020

I love to talk! My mom reminds me that I was “talking even before I was walking.”  As a toddler, I used to sit with my back to the television just talking to everyone who came into the room.  When I reached middle school my love for talking began to evolve into…

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How God Uses Our Story to Minister to Others

October 26, 2020

I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 19 years old. Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which my immune system can’t tell the difference between a good cell and a bad cell and thus attacks the good as well as the bad. Over the years my own immune…

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Engagement’s Role in Discipleship

October 19, 2020

“. . . I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” –Corinthians 9:22b After a decade of working as a professional speaker/trainer, I continued to rack my brain as to why there were always at least a couple of negative comments in…

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Depending on Jesus Daily

October 12, 2020

I have an exercise I want you to do. Get out a sheet of paper and write the top 5 things you depend on daily. Be honest with yourself. No one is going to see this list but you. Take a minute. Ok, what did you put on your list?…

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Take Off Your Grave Clothes

October 5, 2020

I have always been so intrigued with the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. There are so many rich truths in the story and it paints such a vivid picture in my head. In John 11 Lazarus, who is a dear friend of Jesus has fallen sick and…

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We Are Ezer

September 28, 2020

I was a child of the 80’s and graduated high school in 1990, the same year that Bette Midler’s song The Wind Beneath My Wings won multiple awards at the Grammys. I vaguely remember seeing the music video on MTV with a dramatically emotive Midler standing arms crossed and belting it out. Even though Bette was not singing about biblical womanhood, many years later I now view the wind beneath my wings as I way to describe what it means to be the Ezer God created us to be.

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