March 19

“Repairer of the Breach.” The words exploded in my heart, igniting a hope that had dwindled. Seemingly out of nowhere, this whisper from the Holy Spirit was no ordinary thought. It was both pointed and powerful. Could it be that the my 2 1/2 year prayer was being answered?

My story begins with the arrival of my firstborn son—a bouncing 22” inch 8 lb 15 oz bundle of joy. I was over the moon about him. Ecstatic to begin our journey as a young family of three, my husband and I, along with our newborn, headed for home. However, a couple of days later, I knew that something wasn’t right. I had organ pain that hadn’t existed before labor, and it was difficult to stand for too long. I excused the pain, assuming that it would pass in no time, but days turned to months, and things weren’t getting better. I visited the doctors in vain; no one knew the problem, much less the remedy. As an energetic 27-year-old, the sedentary life which seemed to be the only path to relief was like a death sentence.

I knew that God was and is the Healer, so I prayed for a miracle. I had grown up in a family that was quick to turn to God for help, and this practice had rewarded me with a life full of testimonies of Him showing up and honoring His Word. However, two years later, the problem still remained, and my hope was ebbing. Would I ever have a normal life again? Would I be able to have more children? If one birth had resulted in this condition, what would subsequent pregnancies bring?

Eighteen months later, while making a phone call, the phrase

“Repairer of the Breach”

suddenly rang in my heart. I couldn’t remember ever reading this particular phrase in the Scriptures, so I did what any Bible scholar would do: I googled it. Sure enough, Isaiah 58:11 popped up on the screen, and as I skimmed the passage, hope began to dawn. This was the answer for which I had been praying. Though the verse had been written for the Israelites thousands of years ago, it perfectly addressed my symptoms. Isaiah 58:12 stated “They that shall be of thee shall restore,” and I felt the Holy Spirit whisper that He would heal me through my next pregnancy. A year later, after son #2 made his debut, my body was healed and whole with no medical intervention. Two more children have been born into our family in the fifteen years that have passed since that event, and my body has rallied beautifully each time.

God’s healing promises became a reality in my life because of Biblical meditation.

Before we study how to meditate on Scripture, let’s see why it’s important. When mankind ate of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, the mind turned rogue, no longer submitting to the Word of God but esteeming reason and sensory knowledge. Though we were created to walk by grace through faith, now the carnal mind often gets in the way, demanding evidence before belief. When God’s Word promises redemption, healing, protection, and provision, our mind negates those realities which seem impossible. How do we remedy this condition? Romans 12:2 tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind, and meditation on God’s Word is a great way to fast track that transformation.

Our English language uses one word to describe meditation; however, the Greek and Hebrew vocabulary break this practice into different applications. My two faves are listed below.

1.). Hagah: muse, growl, moan, utter ( Strong’s 1897 ). Joshua 1:8 , Psalm 19:14 , Psalm 1:2, and many other Psalms.

2.). Meletaō: to care for, practice, study ( Strong’s 3191 ). 1 Timothy 4:15.

I often use Hagah meditation with my four children. Many years ago, I began teaching them Bible verses by writing little jingles to help them remember. I have published these jingles on my website , but be forewarned, they are toooootaalllly cheesy! On the days when my kids are antagonizing each other or spouting less-than-kind remarks, I remind them of verses like Proverbs 18:21, quickly followed by Matthew 12:36 or James 3:16. Once Hagah meditation is applied to the situation by discussing the Scripture and its implications, the combustible arguments are quelled quicker. Personally, I find that speaking Philippians 4:6-8 over and over keeps me from entertaining toxic thoughts. Just as we savor a good meal, allowing the different flavors and seasonings to tickle our tongues, so the discussion and practice of God’s Promises deliver a richer
spiritual diet for the benefit of the whole family.

I believe that Meletao meditation played a huge role in my healing 15 years ago. When I heard the words “Repairer of the Breach” and researched the original language, I soon discovered that a breach in Hebrew was a tear, and I was able to pray with greater revelation on my condition. Since the introduction of cell phones, Meletao has become so much simpler. I downloaded an e-sword app so that I can quickly dive deeper into the Hebrew or Greek words that are so expansive in their meaning. For example, the word saved in the Greek is sozo, and it means deliver, protect, heal, preserve, make whole. That brings a whole new level of good news to The Good News.

Of course, Biblical meditation can also take many other forms including studying, writing, journaling, etc. The possibilities of engaging with Scripture are endless! I have found that as I deposit God’s Word in my heart and steward it well, the Holy Spirit can use those Promises to bring victory in every area of my life.

As our time comes to a close, may I pray with you?

Heavenly Father, I have seen firsthand the power of Your Word, but I confess that I still take It for granted, and I repent for that. You spent hundreds of years carefully crafting Your Book, and I and my friends long to engage In a way that is pleasing to You. I ask that You would help us approach each passage as a treasure trove of promise and breakthrough. Every verse has been divinely inspired by Your Heart, and we want to
study It with awe and wonder. Help us to do it, Lord. Holy Spirit, You
promise to guide us into all Truth, and we desperately need You to bring
revelation and application. Thank You for this priceless Love Letter. May
we dive into Your Words and be continuously changed by Them. In Jesus’
Name. Amen.

Author, Jeanine Kabasakalian

Radio DJ, Worship Leader, Song Writer

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