Nov 16 Autumn

There I was across from my computer, tears streaming down my face. It was one of those moments that you never forget. On the other side of my zoom screen, she was sharing it all. She was telling me the dreams, the hopes, and the struggles that she has had in pursuing her passion. It wasn’t just a passion; it was her God-given calling, her purpose, her hope. It’s what she lived for; it’s what kept her alive. See, when she talked about others being liberated, tears filled her eyes. When she told me the stories of the survivors that she had talked with, she not only understood their pain, but she remembers how she was healed from her pain.

Questions were running through my mind. How can I help her pursue this dream to help others? What can I do? What doors can I open? Then, as I responded by asking, how I can help you see this dream come to life, I began to weep.

You see, when it comes to seeing the voices of women empowered around the globe, my heart moves. Tears fill my eyes. Why? Because there is a God-given purpose that is matched with the passion that becomes a reality at that moment.

If I asked you what you were passionate about, I’m sure that there would be so many beautiful things I’d hear! You can be passionate about a specific topic that you care about, you can be passionate about redecorating your home, you can be passionate about seeing change come to something you are involved with, or passionate about learning about a topic that has impacted your life in some way or another.

I want to help us define 2 things. Passion vs. Calling. Calling cannot be found without passion. And passion is connected to our relationship with God. When I find myself in times of worship and prayer, passion is stirred in my heart more than ever. If I ever feel like I’m without passion, I always ask myself when the last time I had spent time with Jesus.

Everything I’m doing personally with my life in regards to my calling has come from a place of passion that I have found while connected in prayer, worship, and fasting.

When I coach women from around the world, I hear so much passion. For Instance, there is a woman in the UK who has a passion to help young women experience God on a day in and day out basis. She is starting a daily devotional called Girls Can.

Another woman who was recently a part of our Women Speakers Collective Influencer Cohorts shared in tears how she feels to see women find their voice. She has always spoken at other people’s conferences, but she knew that God was leading her to start her own workshop that helped women to find their voice. Another woman that I coach shared her story of how she wants so to see survivors who have walked through pain and trauma be able to communicate their story in a way that can reach audiences and they can speak from a place of wholeness. She wanted to walk with them to see them healed up and their message put together.

When discovering passion, I want to give you some questions to ask yourself. I want to help you discover what it is that you are not only passionate about but that God has called you to.

I love starting with this question. If you take some time and ponder this, I promise that this question will lead you to a place of passion.

If time and money were no issue to you (let’s go there for a minute), what would you do with your life?

So many times, we lose our passion because of the many barriers in our way. For so many of us with God-given dreams, the objections come in the way. Here are some of them that I hear the most.

I don’t have time to pursue my passion, my life is too busy. I don’t have the resources or connections to do this.

I’m not good at starting things.

I don’t know what my first step to pursue my passion would be.

These objections are real, but we can’t let any of them stop us. We must remain faithful to the calling and push past the barriers. If that means getting a coach. Do it. If it means going to counseling to help you push past some of your limiting beliefs. Do it. If it means taking that step to purchase a domain for your big dream. Do it!

I’m reminded of Esther in scripture. I love this story because God took a simple woman and placed her in a position of influence for a specific time to see a calling fulfilled and a nation saved because of her bravery. In Esther 4:14 it says “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther did not let fear stop her. She didn’t let lack of understanding of what the outcome was to stop her. She decided to act on her passion. Her passion? To see her people saved. To care for those who were like her. The cost? Her life. Her fear. Her understanding of what the future would look like for her. I want to encourage you that you have been called out at this time. God has placed passions in you that are undeniable. Whether you found that passion because of a life experience or because it’s something you found your heart move, or you found yourself weeping over something and you had no idea why…I want to encourage you to ask the question to God…why is my heart moved by this?

If your heart is moved, you have a part to play. If you find yourself in tears when you think of this passion and calling, remember that your tears are windows. Start a conversation with your heavenly Father and ask…what is it that you would have me do? Be brave sisters to act on that passion. Be brave to face your fears and embrace your calling. You have been born for such a time as this and this world needs your voice.

Let passion stir deep in you while you anchor yourself in prayer and the Word. I know that God will use the passions and the calling on your life to see many impacted with His love. Lean in sisters. Lean in and say yes. As we posture ourselves in the place of surrender, God will use you even beyond what you can imagine. And know….sisters, friends, there are many cheering you on. I am cheering you on. Run with your passion and don’t let anyone stop you. They will try, but they need you to step out. Embrace your passion, take a step of bravery like Esther, and remember that you have been called for this time in history. Your time is now.

Autumn Katz 

Women Speaker Collective, CEO

Anthem Church, Co-Lead Pastor 

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