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How do we know what God is calling us to do right now, right where we are, in our current circumstances? If you haven’t read the article we posted a few weeks ago called “Are You Called” here is how we define two important terms to help us clarify our conversation:

  • Purpose – Know God and make him known
  • Calling – The unique way in which God asks us to fulfill our purpose in any given moment or season in our lives

Right now we are in a very unique moment…TOGETHER. 2020 so far has done one of two things for all of us. It has either brought us together over shared pain, belief, respect, compassion and love OR it has made our division so much clearer.

COVID-19 brought with it the complexity of protecting the vulnerable, government mandates vs freedom of the people, state vs church, masks required vs no masks and everything in between! No matter where you land I am sure you feel more united with people from around the world than ever before because this pandemic is something we had to face together and something we continue to walk out side by side. During it you have connected with quotes, articles and news presented by people you otherwise may have nothing in common with, people who agree with how you feel and what you think. You have found common ground and find yourself standing with others… TOGETHER on that ground.

And then… the heartbreaking unjust murders of black people by white people, right here on our own American streets. Once again we find ourselves being drawn together with others who think like us and divided from those who don’t. We are in the middle of what I believe to be a history changing moment. But history will only change if people, all people, stand up and use their voices, their influence, their lives to bring the change that is needed. Regardless of how awkward it feels friends, regardless of how scared you are that you will offend others because you don’t have “the right words” to say or share, regardless of YOU… show up, be present and refuse to look away and expect someone else to bring change. Find yourself on the common ground of the gospel, the love story that Jesus died for ALL people.  We can make history if we stand and speak and do it TOGETHER. Lives are literally at stake, the truth is at stake, equality is at stake, our countries future is at stake. BLACK LIVES MATTER. For those of you who are white or another race and you read those words and still default to “well all lives matter, why does it have to be about black ones” it is time to lay down your ignorance and do the hard work to actually understand why BLACK LIVES MATTER. Take a posture of learning and humility, it is the only way to grow and the only way to step outside of your privileged experience and mindset to understand why change needs to happen… and why you must be a part of the solution.

So what happens now and what happens next? Where do we go from here? We lean into our calling during this moment, this season. Our calling as Christians of every race is to stand for equality, be a voice in every circle we stand in, and don’t stop until real change is evident.

Here is where I am starting.

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14

I am humbling myself in every way I know how, I am praying, I am pleading, I am seeking God’s face, I am turning from my own wicked ways and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal personally to each one of us every bit of wickedness that we all carry and walk in. I am asking God to hear from heaven, forgive me my sin, forgive our nation for our sin, heal the pain my black friends are experiencing so deeply, and heal our entire country from the twisted evil known as racism. I am asking God that the deaths, not just this year, but all the ones before it would not be vain… but that he would use for good what the enemy meant for evil.

Our calling right now is to know God and make him known, his reconciliation, his redemption, his forgiveness, his compassion, his love of ALL PEOPLE.

In a few weeks The Truth Republic will start a 30 day campaign to help us all walk this out TOGETHER.  STAY POSTED.

Carrie Williams

The Truth Republic, Founder and CEO

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