Why Listen to the Walking Well Podcast?

The Walking Well Podcast was probably supposed to be a Youtube Channel. But I was much too self-whatever to put my voice and my face (mostly my face) out there telling women what I felt like God was nudging me to share. So I agreed to 50% of the nudge- “I’ll podcast, Lord!” 

At about age 14, I was pondering the direction of my life (which is what most of us do at 14, right?), thinking along the lines of finding a college major that would set me up well financially. Jesus interrupted me to remind me that I needed to find and pursue a major that would align with his purposes for me. Shortly after that, I felt He revealed that my calling was wrapped up in honoring all that was valuable and divine in the build, makeup and inherent worthiness of women. From then on, equipping and empowering women became my life’s personal mission.

Here’s the thing: for many in church spaces, women are seen and therefore treated as an add-on. We have ministries and books for how women can show up for their husbands and children but what about simply fulfilling their callings as inherent image bearers with a purpose not tied exclusively to caretaking or procreation?

What if there was a mission and adventure tied to your being? Who is investing in you as a woman for that- essentially for you? For you as a woman to be full, to know your own strength in God, to experience the sheer delight of co-creating with God, to create his version of heaven on earth in your own life?

I feel like Jesus gave me a peek into how glorious women are and how undervalued and untapped that glory is in the earth. I wanted to champion and spearhead them taking their full place- like He did with His time on earth (Matt. 26:5-13, John 20:17-18, John 8:1-11) 

So I launched the Walking Well Podcast in August 2017. The vision was to create a space where women can gather around the Word and the ‘bought’ wisdom from other women. My heart is to see us live our lives well and hopefully take our generations further with the collective wisdom of our mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends. 

“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

Women’s lives are so multifaceted. I often feel like we live several lifetimes and become and unbecome so many versions of ourselves by the time it’s all said and done. There are so many seasons that require this metamorphosis, and the journey to becoming and unbecoming often requires the shedding of and the taking on of these many variations of ourselves, all the while becoming more of who God had in mind for us the entire time. What I believe God is doing through the podcast is offering pages from other women’s journeys to be placed in the life guide, so to speak, of those who listen. Much like the Morgan Harper Nichols quote, I imagine that for each season of the podcast, the wisdom that comes forth is helping whoever is listening on the other end- to live more freely, more skillfully, more aligned with Divine design. 

The Walking Well Podcast has completed 4 seasons. The topics  covered range from tackling self-righteousness and perfectionism, to exploring different seasons of parenting. We’ve discussed gender equality, sexuality, and racial justice all in light of what life would look like if we were to imitate the Kingdom and the Father’s love here on earth (Matt. 6:33, Ephesians 5:1). We’ve talked to therapists, homeschool moms, long-time married couples, pastors, cancer survivors, missionaries, and remarkable women leading ‘ordinary’ lives with extraordinary faith- and I LOVE it. 

I love it so because we can all stand to learn something from each other- it’s a testament to the reality that we are all earthen vessels holding serious Treasure (2 Cor. 4:7). Every woman is superior to you in some way and I love that through the podcast we are able to benefit from what other women have learned walking through their seasons and situations with Jesus. 

And I am determined that whatever is shared, it must be practical. So much of what we discuss in faith spaces can lack the clear ‘apply here’ piece. Many times people struggle to live out what is often truly insightful information that has been shared. On the podcast,  I like to call this the ‘do’ aspect of an episode. I often ask, “How does someone who is _____ (parenting a blended family, walking through a cancer diagnosis, or navigating a major life transition) do it well?” And my most favoritest question that I began asking recently was about resources- “what book, sermon, song, etc. helped you move through that time, challenge, space in your life? What do you recommend we read, listen to, research to help us _____?” The gold that my guests share with the resources they recommend is just rich. It almost feels like an extension of the wisdom they share within the episode, a way to go deeper and become more fully the woman God has in mind. 

All that to say, the Walking Well Podcast is a gathering place, a place to share, a place to embrace ourselves and our journeys, a place to remember the goodness of God. 

It is where we become who God had in mind for us all along. Whether that is learning a new way, addressing trauma, resetting our hearts to hope again, or learning to see ourselves with new eyes, the stories and experiences shared will ultimately become a page in another woman’s roadmap as she finds herself in similar places. Our aim is to come together to help each other navigate the many different seasons of a woman’s life so that we can each take our lives, our influence, and our generations further. 

Author, Gilon Marts

Walking Well Podcast Creator and Host

Explore. Equip. Empower.

Explore. Helping women explore their unique God given calling.

Equip. Providing tools for women to be equipped in their leadership and discipleship journey.

Empower. Bridging the gap between calling and opportunity for women to fully reach their purpose and potential.