The Truth Republic started in 2017 with a mission to make Jesus known by equipping and empowering women to fulfill their calling. This mission is driven by a God infused vision to see all women walking in their full God-given potential for the sake of the Gospel.

There is one thing that any christian leader can agree on, when it comes to making more disciples there is one resource that is necessary for the future of the church, human beings. People. Whether it be a traditional church model, micro, bivo, covo, digital, phygital and everything in between we need more people who are discipled, equipped and developed to multiply themselves. This is where The Truth Republic comes in.

Studies show that our churches are filled with 59 to 61 percent females. Each of us are daily surrounded by women with amazing potential. They are on our staffs, in our churches and even in our homes. The problem is that there is a gap that exists for these women. A gap in personal and professional development from more experienced women than themselves.

The Truth Republic did a study of 100 women from around the country in vocational ministry positions to try and identify what they felt were the biggest gaps in their development. These women were from different networks, denominations, and represented various positions of ministry experience. 82% of the women identified mentoring and coaching as their biggest need.

I have experienced this gap first hand as a female leader. I can count on one hand the number of women throughout my vocational ministry experience that have played an active role in helping me develop, especially in my earlier years. My experience is one that the majority of women in vocational ministry can relate to all across the US. Women need to learn from women. They need the shared experiences that a woman can offer them that is unique to the challenges of being a woman in ministry.

Did you know that there are no formalized programs designed for women in ministry to be mentored? None. And only recently have there been proactive women stepping into formal coaching of other women.

The Truth Republic is filling the need. We are an aggregator of resources, knowledge and relationships – from women to women – for the sake of the Gospel.

The Gospel is our point. Making Jesus known is our point. While we are “for” women, they are not the point. We exist to equip women whether they be extreme complementarians, extreme egalitarians and everything in between. The Truth Republic exists to see all women reaching their full potential for the sake of the gospel right where God has planted them.

We are bridging the development gap that exists by platforming the voices and learnings from experienced women and making those voices available to be heard and learned from.

Our programs are designed to help women take their next step towards reaching their full potential…. from women growing in their leadership, becoming healthy, having longevity in ministry without burning out and women stepping out into roles they may never have done. We are seeing women take their next step.

Christy is a great example of how we are doing this. Christy has been in ministry for 18 years. She was a mentee in our Ministry Mentorship program pilot where she was mentored by a woman who had several years more experience than her. Christy had a lot of business and ministry experience but had never been developed by a female leader. She had been lacking that female voice of a woman who was a little or a lot future down the road from her. As a result of her participation in our program she made the decision to pursue a different role at her church of employment. Christy transitioned from the Pastor of Adult Life to pastoring and leading her church’s largest campus. The program helped her gain the clarity needed to pursue this new role while giving her helpful tools to walk out the new role.

We want more stories like Christy’s. Currently the key ways in which we are doing this are through:

  • Equipping Articles written by 40+ female leaders from around the country.
  • The Truth Republic Podcast which helps women go further faster.
  • Ministry Mentorship Program for women in vocational ministry.
  • Leaders Round Tables with female leaders in ministry from around the country in various networks, denominations, and roles.
  • And we are currently building out 2 new significant programs for churches that will be availalbe via a digital package or in person facilitated events.
    • Clarity Calling Curriculum – Designed for the average church attender to better understand who God created her be, how she is wired, why she is wired that way, and what her next step is.
    • Women in Vocation Ministry Curriculum – Designed to address the challenges that are unique and specific to being a women in vocational ministry, solutions to those challenges, and equip each woman with the tools to maximize their effectiveness and have longevity in ministry.

These programs are helping women be equipped and developed to reach their full potential for the sake of the Gospel, their organizations and even their families. We have this great human resource of women surrounding us all and at The Truth Republic we are forging ahead to see all women walking in their God-given potential for the sake of the Gospel. Our goal is to equip and mobilize multitudes of women to take their next steps to fulfilling their calling.

Author, Carrie Williams

The Truth Republic Founder and CEO

Explore. Equip. Empower.

Explore. Helping women explore their unique God given calling.

Equip. Providing tools for women to be equipped in their leadership and discipleship journey.

Empower. Bridging the gap between calling and opportunity for women to fully reach their purpose and potential.