Carrie Fox

My name is Carrie and this is where my feet can be found most often at work.  Although my job does not define me, I’m grateful I get to use my God given talent, at a job I enjoy.  I get to make people feel good about themselves, speak life into them, and talk to people about Jesus when I feel led.  God has truly blessed me with a will to work, success and he puts specific people in my life there.  Shining the light of the Lord into the dark places in people’s life, especially from my own experience, is really my favorite part of my job.

I haven’t always talked to my clients about my faith but as my faith has grown so has my confidence and excitement to share it with others.  I would consider most of my clients friends and try to create a safe environment for the new ones.  I love to hear what’s on the hearts of my clients and where their family is in their faith journey.  I try to gently see where they could go next, and what their next step could look like for them. Even if that just means building trust in our relationship.

I pray for my clients and colleagues.  I pray in the morning before work, how can I show them God?  I pray for them while I’m shampooing.  In quiet times in the appointment I talk to God.  Ask what he would have me say or do, guide my thoughts and my actions.  I can feel the Holy Spirit with me at work at lot.  I thank God because alone I’m a nervous, bumbling wreck.  So sometimes talking to people comes natural and sometimes when I feel the nudge and I’m awkward.  But I always try to step out in faith if I feel the door open for me to say something.  I don’t ever want to miss a chance to speak truth into someone’s life.  I truly believe it means eternal life or death.

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